this is also a fan-made bloons tower defence, it is created by the creator of insaniquarium 2 wiki


the monkeys are in trouble and need help, now they get help from the fishes, and teamed up against the bloons, but there are new bloons and this game is harder.


dart monkey

cost: 100

dart fish

cost: 110

tack shooter

cost: 300

puffer fish

cost: 330

boomerang monkey

cost: 500

mine shooter

cost: 600

bomb tower

cost: 750


cost: 1000

super monkey

cost: 3400

underwater monkey

cost: 3500

monkey buccaner

cost: 150


cost: 20

road spikes

cost: 10


cost: 5

temple of monkey god

cost: 35000

hyper monkey

cost: 6800


red bloon

rbe: 1

blue bloon

rbe: 2

green bloon

rbe: 3

yellow bloon

rbe: 4

pink bloon

rbe: 5

hotdog bloon

rbe: 10

camo bloon

rbe: 11

black and white bloon

rbe: 11 each bloon

zebra bloon

rbe: 22

ceramic bloon

rbe: 104


rbe: 616


rbe: 3,136


rbe: 16,310


rbe: 32,620


rbe: 100,000

ttgl bloon

rbe: 400,000

mega moab

rbe: 1,200,0000

mega bfb

rbe: 4,800,000

mega zomg

rbe: 13,700,000

godmodder bloon

rbe: 15,000,000

king of all blimps

rbe: 30,000,000

giant zomg

rbe: 60,000,000


  • this game is way much harder
  • giant zomg is harder then king of all blimps
  • the other moab-class bloons have higher rbe
  • this includes the new towers
  • the mine is the only cheapest road-placing of all
  • dart fish is a counter-part of dart monkey

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