contra bloons tower defense is a new mod to ANY btd series and adding new towers, bloons & blimps, and instead of starting from 650 cash on easy, medium & hard, you get 10,000


-- see Version History --

road placed

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moab-class bloons

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Version History


0.0.1 - Game Test

0.0.2 - Game Test II

0.0.3 - Game Test III

0.0.4 - Release to the website of CBTD

0.0.5 - Downloadable - 4 MB

0.0.6 - Bug Fixing

0.0.7 - Mentioning of Rlellow

0.0.8 - Co-oP added

0.0.9 - Decreased Data to 0.2 KB, due to massive pixelations, 2-Bit Pixels


0.1.0 - only the highest round: 50 is added and only dart monkey and tack shooter, the ONLY bloons are red, blue, green and yellow

0.1.1 - added free-play, upgrades only LEAD to 1/1 and added 3 new towers: bomb tower, monkey beacon and monkey buccaneer, added maps with water, also adding pink, black and white (thus white bloons are immune to freezing so there are no freezing-things yet)

0.1.1 - added 4 modes: easy, hard, tatian and sandbox

0.1.2 - added shaitan but removed for the first 40 seconds due it's projectiles NOT coming out from it's barrel, ONLY between them

0.1.3 - added ranks, maxing to 50, now towers have 4 upgrades split into 2 paths, glitch fix for place towers OUT of the game

0.1.4 - now 3/4, 4/3 & 4/4 towers require payment now

0.1.5 - added banana farm and monkey village, also adding abilities to 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 4/3 and 4/2 towers

0.1.6 - added ice tower, increased prices on towers by 15% on hard, 250% on tatian and -10^10^100% on sandbox (since you got unlimited money and lives)

0.1.7 - added monkey apprentice and adding road placed

0.1.8 - instead of 650, you start with 1000 cash

0.1.9 - added REAL blood, hp and damage, when a bloon is popped, blood comes out, same with towers (REAL blood can be disabled on via options)

0.2.0 - added dynamic light (smooth and rough)

0.2.1 - gore added (organs, it can also disabled on via options)

0.2.2 - REAL blood and gore removed from bloons

0.2.3 - REAL blood and gore will dissapear every 3 minutes (you can say it will NOT be removed from the game)

0.2.4 - added laser monkey, which can penetrate 2 layers of bloons

0.2.5 - added 2 new maps: Hell (The Nether) and ender universe (The End)

0.2.6 - added 9 new terrains: Flame, Hell, Plasma, Water, Air, Lava, Ocean, Sky and Space, also glitch fixed that you can place normal towers on water

0.2.7 - added TONS of maps and added sections for them

0.2.8 - added new terrain and new map: Minecraft

0.2.9 - added Zebra bloons, Rainbows and Ceramics

0.3.0 - added more road placed and added Hill terrain


0.3.1 - now there is new lighting - REAL light, it sets the light to the real world

0.3.2 - added day/night cycle, morning lasts 10 minutes and nightime, added minecraft mobs in Minecraft map

0.3.3 - added Enderman and the Enderdragon at The End, also adding Zombie Pigman, Ghast, Blaze and Magma Cubes at The Nether

0.3.4 - added superflat map to minecraft section, added slimes too

0.3.5 - added Wither to The Nether

0.3.6 - added Void, it is at ERROR_MAP_LOADED_FAILED section

0.3.7 - only dart monkeys will be placed at the Void

0.3.8 - added Moab, Bfb, Zomg and Mmbfbotabotg

0.3.9 - fixed the hitboxes since there hitboxes are as big as a red bloon

0.4.0 - 100% hackproof and 100% griefproof

0.4.1 - removed Ads and is 100% lag-free

0.4.2 - added FPS (Frames Per Second) and toggled with F3

0.4.3 - ALL mobs on minecraft will attack towers

0.4.4 - due to lack of bloons on minecraft maps, then the towers will defend Steve's First House and kill the hostile mobs

0.4.5 - added missions

0.4.6 - added xp (when you collect enough xp, you gain a rank (note that exp will bar will increase by 50, e.g. 100 xp (which is level 1) turned into 5000, so you need 5000 xp to go to the next rank)

0.4.7 - added adventure mode

0.4.8 - added notch, god of minecraft and herobrine, devil of minecraft (notch will come onto the screen when needed help and kill all the hostile mobs and gain full health (steve has 20 hp so when he takes damage, then notch comes, he is fully recovered) while herobrine does the opposite, kill all the towers and lose 19 health, when herobrine and notch comes up, they will start a combat while you continue killing the mobs)

0.4.9 - added villagers, iron golems and villages, so you defend the village and steve (every 15 rounds, an iron golem will appear on the village and help the villagers)


0.5.0 - prevented iron golems from killing your towers

0.5.1 - villagers now collect food at the banana farm for you

0.5.2 - added dartling gun

0.5.3 - re-added shaitan but removed again for 2 minutes for the same reason

0.5.4 - added graphics to enhance to game

0.5.5 - added one of meta07's conceptions: the black void shooter and the monkey tank, also added ARIA and SPICA

0.5.6 - added new blimps: super abotg, mmbfb carrier, B.L.I.T.Z.

0.5.7 - added Genesis/Apopalypse Bloon, also adding Mk. IV and Mk. V

0.5.8 - added boring bloon for tower testing

0.5.9 - added G.U.N. and I.G.B.M.

0.6.0 - added Shaitan Blimp, M.O.O.N. and Chaos Bloon

0.6.1 - added 3 of maps belong to Meta07: Hell, Heaven, The God and The Devil, End of Infinity and Grand Monkeyopolis

0.6.2 - added T.R.O.L.L, fake 0/0 dart monkey is unsellable

0.6.3 - added Undercover monkey

0.6.4 - removed Undercover monkey, added MONKI

0.6.5 - added Sky's universe (though, it's Skydoesminecraft and he loves budder), so instead of hostile mobs/bloons, it's squids! so you must protect Sky Army HQ from squids!

0.6.6 - Sky's Universe is now more textured: as ALL the land and buildings are made out of budder (budder is butter)

0.6.7 - Squid King is the boss of Sky's Universe

0.6.8 - added Sky's Universe to Minecraft section

0.6.9 - added tower tester, this will make ANYONE to test their towers, it's like sandbox mode

0.7.0 - shaitan added to tower tester, but doesn't do anything then deleted for 25 seconds

0.7.1 - added bloon tester, this will make ANYONE to test their bloons/blimps

0.7.2 - n/a

0.7.3 - added shaitan AGAIN but removed for 5 hours later after the update

0.7.4 - yet, added shaitan to: forgotten towers of time and space and be brought to the game for REAL WORLD 1,000 golden bars

0.7.5 - (graphics update) added improved lighting for minecraft section and all the other maps making it resembly look like your in the real world with 3D glasses

0.8.0 - improved graphics and lighting for ALL sections except The Void

0.8.1 - added forgotten time map and added in ERROR_MAP_LOADED_FAILD section

0.8.2 - improved monkey tank, renamed minecraft section to minecraft universe

0.8.3 - improved ARIA and SPICA, also improving the Genesis, Apopalypse and Chaos Bloon's Graphics

0.8.4 - now needs super-engine 5000 combined with java along with the World of Tanks' lighting to run this program

0.8.5 - now added download button (yes, this is estimated 30 TB (terabytes) of data)

0.8.6 - removed lag

0.8.7 - now needs anti-lag program to run this

0.8.8 - added shaitan's upgrades

0.8.9 - improved Herobrine, Notch and Steve's Graphics

0.9.0 - added 19xx on missions section

0.9.1 - now some features require 199 golden bars

0.9.2 - removed download price and feature prices due to EVERYONE angry with this

0.9.3 - improved shaitan's graphics

0.9.4 - improved ALL minecraft mobs

0.9.5 - now has account slots, (to avoid griefing) max is 100

0.9.6 - now has icon

0.9.7 - improved icon

0.9.8 - added logo for CTBD

0.9.9 - added tower creator, blimp creator, bloon creator and track creator ===Release(Shaitan update) - added shaitan and fixed EVERYTHING on it, bugs, glitches, etc.

1.0.1 - you can now move the shaitan to ANY part of the map (except sky since tanks can't fly (also you cannot move tanks on the road, that's cheating!))

1.0.2 - fixed problem that the turret STILL stays in place

1.0.3 (Meta07 update) - added bacterial bloon, B.E.N.Z.E.N.E, improved the graphics for meta's conceptions, added auracrysts, E.N.T.I.T.Y, added mission reactor core, omegachi, darthus, patchwork bloon,  bloon scanner, aura saga, thousand sakuras, sealth monkey, shield generator, NegaPosi Twin Towers, Evolution Bloon, Charge Bloon, Commando Bloon, Final Battle, T.U.R.B.O.

1.0.4 - improved everything as said on the 1.0.3 update, also adding V.A.M.P.I.R.E.

1.0.5 - updated game over screen

1.0.6 - all graphics are improved

1.0.7 - improved the shaitan's appearance

1.0.8 - improved notch and herobrine's appearance

1.0.9 - added tatian missions (tatian missions are at difficulty: hard, no saves and no agents)

1.1.0 - added tatian mission: genetic lagging machine (or maybe GLM), only red bloons appear and they are all packed together in 250 and you need to survive 50 rounds of red bloon lagging (x25 every 10 rounds)

1.1.1 - added ATOTW, SEOB, LOD and UMDD

1.1.2 - if ATOTW and MMBFBOTABOTG comes at the same time, they will gain 10,000 HP (just because they are brothers or maybe cousins?)

1.1.3 - the thing in the 1.1.2 now applies to SEOB, LOD and UMDD

1.1.4 - improved ATOTW, SEOB, LOD and UMDD's appearance

1.1.5 - added ARIA and SPICA's bloon versions

1.1.6 - now optimized for some computers (windows 7 and windows 8 (PCs at the 2nd Universe or OFP's computer ONLY))

1.1.7 - added a link to the forums at the menu screen ( which is the CBTD Forum )

1.1.8 - prevented towers from being placed on craters left by creepers

1.1.9 - Wither now shoots heads of itself dealing 2-4 hearts of damage

1.2.0 - Wither heads now make Withering effect, it will deal 1 damage to towers in the blast every 1.5 seconds

1.2.1 - added clans, play as bloons or monkeys to fight other clans

1.2.2 - removed tower tester and bloon tester, due to it, incompatible to the engine 5000

1.2.3 - added a warning to NOT to place shaitans on Meta's missions/maps

1.2.4 - improved graphics on all maps, towers, water, etc.

1.2.5 - added shaders, which makes light, shadow, water MORE realistic

1.2.6 - added the text near the logo

1.2.7 - prevented putting shaitans on meta's maps

1.2.8 - Corrupted Tatians added

1.2.9 - added Googolplexamurus Carrier, tweaked the 19xx to balance it

1.3.0 - replaced shaitan with shaitan

1.3.1 - added some user references, INCLUDING T.A.T.1101

1.3.2 - capped rank to 91,011 (or simply IXXXI)

1.3.3 - now needed a super computer with at least 2048 Gigabytes

1.3.4 - fixed bug to make corrupted tatians be hit in 1 hit

1.3.5 - farming campaign doesnt work anymore

1.3.6 - bringing back Shaitan, now renamed to Contra

1.3.7 - n/a

1.3.8 - Added John Chapter and tweaked apopalypse to be easier

1.3.9 -Added Baby John, John and Mega John, thus, instead of mobs on John Chapter

1.4.0 - Added Alpha John

1.4.1 - now requires SCMowns' John Mod to play John Chapter

1.4.2 - John Chapter is now unlocked at rank 1

1.4.3 - Added Shaitan III or Contra II

1.4.4 - now requires 5000 GB to download (5 TB)

1.4.5 - Added Rlellow Bloon

1.4.6 - added The Pond

1.4.7 - added Splitter Bloon

1.4.8 - added Ravager and Alpha Ravager and Ravager Chapter

1.4.9 - added Big Bloon Mk. I, Big Bloon Mk. II, Big Bloon Mk. III & Big Bloon Mk. IV

1.5.0 - improved graphics and made ALL textures (including future ones) UHD (Ultra High-Definition, atleast 2048+ Pixels)

1.5.1 - added Immortality Gem

1.5.2 - tweaked Reactor Core Mission Pack

1.5.3 - making John to drop Immortality Gems

1.5.4 - pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre Co-Op test (it is known as Co-oP)

1.5.5 (UHD Update) - Shaders Graphics are now UHD, projectiles are now UHD and added the UHD button on the settings, UHD text and UHD Cutscenes

1.5.6 - added Alpha John

1.5.7 - added J.O.H.N. and John Bloons

1.5.8 - made Immortality Gems dropped from J.O.H.N.s

1.5.9 - improved notch and herobrine

1.6.0 - fixed bugs and glitches

1.6.1 - improved UHD on the settings

1.6.2 - added reset memory

1.6.3 - profile slot is now 200 slots

1.6.4 - fixed profile slot

1.6.5 - logo is now UHD

1.6.6 - requires 200 Terabytes to download (your computer cant handle it's data)

1.6.7 - improved ranks

1.6.8 - ranks are now UHD

1.6.9 - pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre Co-oP test

1.7.0 - improved engine system - Made CBTD compatible for BTD6

1.7.1 - Improved Bloon/Tower Creator

1.7.2 - pre-pre-pre-pre-pre Co-oP test

1.7.3 - added Dive Bomber Blimp

1.7.4 - added DBBC

1.7.5 - added Intro

1.7.6 - all graphics are more enhanced and even a single pixel is 2058 pixels (lets take an average 50 pixel thingy × 2048 pixels)

1.7.7 - made its data being 1 Petabyte to download

1.7.8 - reduced lag

1.7.9 - pre-pre-pre-pre Co-oP test and fixed some bugs and glitches

1.8.0 - unhackable

1.8.1 - revamped adventure mode to make it a little harder

1.8.2 - in-game purchases no longer cost real money

1.8.3 - made blood decay every 10 rounds (living and organic towers)

1.8.4 - re-tweaked

1.8.5 - improved Big Bloon Mk. I, Big Bloon Mk. II, Big Bloon Mk. III and Big Bloon Mk. IV

1.8.6 - tweaked the defense level of everything

1.8.7 - added a map, TCD Oceanic IXXXI

1.8.8 - added physics for everything

1.8.9 - added minecraft physics feature

1.9.0 - added quotes

1.9.1 - added "Censored Cussing" feature

1.9.2 - improved graphics and physics

1.9.3 - improved physics

1.9.4 - made minecraft mobs now follow the laws of minecraft physics

1.9.5 - revamped some blimps to make their hp 20% higher

1.9.6 - Bloons' Side added

1.9.7 - made it's data 5 Petabytes to download (cant download this!)

1.9.8 - fixed some bugs and glitches

1.9.9 - fixed some bugs and glitches again

2.0.0 - revamped everything

2.0.1 - revamped everything again

2.0.2 - added Hyperion

2.0.3 - added Absolutely Safe Bloon Capsule

2.0.4 - added a few more special missions

2.0.5 - fixed a bug that causes the Absolutely Safe Capsule from recieving damage

2.0.6 - improved resulotion size (16,000×16,000 pixels)

2.0.7 - new launcher (must be downloaded from the website)

2.0.8 - the old launcher is now replaced with the new launcher due to players complaining

2.0.9 - renoved Absolutely Safe Bloon Capsule due to massive glitches and bugs

2.1.0 - tweaked Hyperion

2.1.1 - 3D Graphics, now the resolutiom of the screen is 20,000x20,000, 16 Terabytes of data is now required

2.1.2 - decreased file size

2.1.3 - pre-pre-pre 20.5.0 - Added co-op mode(mentioned on Operation: End Of The World episode)

50.25.00 - (See Trivia)

Ideas by other Users


NOTE 2: ALSO PUT YOUR NAME AT THE END (eg. --conception name-- by --your name here--)


  • before rank 250, then you type the word Shaitan, you can place it but it does nothing against a bloon/blimp
  • if you log in without using a password, then delete your account, your name will be displayed as: USERNAME_1
  • if you unlocked sandbox mode and rank 500, after beating Just die, Just Die!!!!!, placing a 4/4 shaitan and upgrading the super monkey to TOTMG, the whole game freezes for 10 seconds and the TOTMG with the shaitan sacrificed, will dissapear
  • if you summon E.N.T.I.T.Y via cheats/hacks, the whole game will crash
    • this also works in any map
  • if you summon chaos bloon and put a dart monkey and an un-upgraded super monkey, the super monkey while firing darts will turn into a sungod for a 1/3 a second but it will fire darts
  • --before 1.2.7-- if you place a shaitan on any of meta's maps, the shaitan's sprite will be replaced by a dart monkey but it will fire shaitan's bullets
  • if an enderman steals a piece of a tower (e.g. TOTMG, Terminator (Technological Terror), Shaitan), the whole tower is the size of a block
  • if you sacrifice a TOTMG with 10 dart monkeys while attacking a ZOMG,, the whole screen turns black
  • Wither Tank, 0.1 Chance to insta-kill boss bloons


  • Rank Capped to 90,011,337 by OFP
  • Now compatible with BTD6 and The Conceptors by OFP


  • if you put this while BTD6 is on, both mods will crash
    • this can be fixed if you remove BTD6 or CBTD
      • OFP now fixed this
  • it has it's mobile version
    • at the forums, they named it: CBTD: Mobile Edition, but they can't think what towers to put it in (maybe the ones from CBTD)
  • John Chapter is based of the minecraft mod: John Mod by SCMowns
    • it is SCMowns' Second mod
      • TAT likes it very much
  • the rank is capped to 91011 or IXXXI
  • Despite pre-classic version has co-op, CBTD doesnt have co-op yet
    • maybe the co-op mechanic for Pre-Classic is far so old, it will crash the CBTD Program
      • Unless if someone hacks the program to make Co-Op Compatible with CBTD
        • This is extremely rare, only 1 tatian did that
  • the main menu music is this, from 2:50 to 3:50
  • the Intro Theme is this, from 0:48 - 1:40
    • when it reaches 0:53, the words will show up: "TCD Corporation Presents..."
      • then when it reaches 1:02, this will show up: "...the final version of Fan-Made Bloons Tower Defense..."
        • then when it reaches 1:11, this will then show up: "CONTRA BLOONS TOWER DEFENSE", it is also followed with the little text below: "VERSION --official version here--"
          • along with it, it shows a similar style of the intro of "2001: A Space Odyssey", as the main star rises up from these planets from top left to bottom right: Virgo A Planet, Planet Butter, Bloons World and Minecraft

            This is how it looks like (the image itself is 8912 pixels, that is the average size of a tatian's computer and it looks UHD)


            This is how it looks like on OFP's computer. Exactly 9001 pixels large.

  • Once the Player defeats the final boss, the Player will continue playing but there are changes:
    • For one, the Player joins United Alliances
    • For two, Aurae Bloons replace the Bloons (the Bloons unite with the monkeys)
    • For three, the Player can save in Apopalypse Mode even in "No Saves" missions
    • For four, the Player can replay any finished Chapter of the game, starts with 50,000$ and Infinite Lives (NOTE: There is also a bug that the A.S.B.C. can move at the speed of a Purple Bloon and take away all lives, even Infinite)
    • For five, the Exp is reduced to 10% (This does not apply to anything lesser than 11 Exp)
    • For six, the Player can place a Contra and place it on "NO CONTRAS" maps, but limited to only have 0/0 (NOTE: This applies to Wither Tanks)
    • For seven, the Player can replay the Final Boss (NOTE: The Player continues (As if the Player loaded a saved game) and has added an extra 50,000$ and has Infinite Lives)
    • For eight, if Version 50.25.00 (CBTD Ver. 50.25.00) is applied, the Player loses consciousness and wakes up in the CBTD Universe and is free to roam around, also, the Player's profile is applied, also, the Player can interact with Bloons, Monkeys and TCD Soldiers (NOTE: once the Player gets there, it will NEVER return, but the Player can return back to the World by just using Portals, not only that could apply, but it also refers the Mother Series's and other RPG's Mechanic of "Point of No Return" and the Mother Series's "Magicant", also, if the Player dies in the CBTD Universe, it will respawn to the same location to where the Player died, also, the Player can interact with Objects and other Players too!)
  • So far, if this game is real, it will have extremely poor ratings due to the File Size and the Graphics (FRAME DROPPAGE WARNING)
  • The file size of version 20.5.0 is 60 Petabytes, compared to the 50.25.00's 500,000,000 Yottabytes
    • Maybe it is the Magicant and the Graphics and also the 600,000 Terapixel Graphics (MASSIVE FRAME DROPPAGE WARNING)
      • If it is real also, even with all of the CD's, CPU's, ROM's, etc, there is still no space to handle version 20.5.0 and version 50.25.00, also, the original CBTD is still there due to it's EXTREMELY MASSIVE Popularity (The Original is ALWAYS it's True Form)
        • Yet, Futurisitic Technology will make some stuff that something has 60 Exabytes of storage (But still not enough space to handle the CBTD 50.25.00...)
          • If a person will develop this game alone, it will take more than 965 Years to develop all the way to Version 50.25.00
    • As mentioned during the spacing, some of the Human's Descendants will make anything that exceeds the spacing of 500,000,000 Yottabytes
      • An unknown example is Skynet (If ANYONE here watches Terminator, then you know it), which runs at 60 Teraflops per second
        • Another example is the highly-advanced technology by the Type III Humans (Based on a scale that i didn't know, Type I humans use all of the world's energy, Type II uses the energy from a star and the Sun and the Type III is on a local Supermassive Black Hole)
  • So far, there is no technology to make CBTD Ver. 50.25.00, but animation can ("Animation can do what Humans can't do" -Mr. Nobody)
    • An strange and weird example is Sword Art Online (Anime), which also makes that the Player is IN the game and the only way to log out is to defeat the Final Boss at the Tower and must be Level 100, but in CBTD, the Player is free to do anything because there are no enemies left
  • The Player must be at Max Rank (Rank IXXXI (91011)) and must have EVERYTHING to prepare the battle against the Corrupted Tat T. Tatian, the MMBFB Carrier, the E.N.T.I.T.Y. and the Hyperion (Blimp)
  • Another change is that the Player, if he/she selected sandbox, there is a "Spawn" button, which brings up ALL of the Enemies and the Bosses the Player fought (this includes Final Bosses), though, the Bosses aren't scripted
  • The Absolutely Safe Bloon Capsule is indestructible, as it's defense is 10^10^10^10^10^10^10^100, as any attacks that deal with it is -10^10^10^10^10^10^10^100
    • The stats of the Absolutely Safe Bloon Capsule is revealed:
      • HP: 1, Defense: 10^10^10^10^10^10^10^100, Offense: 1, Speed: -10^100 Nanometers per Hour, Parent: n/a, Child: n/a, Exp: 104,193,835,727,918,294,018,827,624,839,839,928,837,729,249,281,824,382,838,834,384,482,381,839,929,281,848,482,839,839,839,838,292,839,929,194,828,825,831,829,829,827,284,018,183,825,825,920,381,274,727,719,820,282,920,285,389,205,028,174,929,294,185,817,828,850,820,928,737,820,828,028,856,515,729,925,727,615,619,819,820,727,725,829,827,729,810,729,920,824,728,726,728,820,284,372,840,271,739,924,829,829,910,817,910,816,102,829,163,643,684,939,379,828,727,729,792,028,925,000
        • The Absolutely Safe Bloon Capsule is shown to have the highest EXP of any Bloon/Aurae Bloon/Boss, though, doing this will somehow make the Player rank up from 91,011 to 91,012
          • There is nothing to destroy the Absolutely Safe Bloon Capsule, NOTHING, not even 4/4/4/4 Wither Tanks all over the screen plus all the damage boosters maxed out (Damage Boosters increase the Damage by 10x and can be used 50 times), the forums stated that the Absolutely Safe Bloon Capsule is called a "SuperBoss" or a "SuperBloon"
            • If one will pop the Absolutely Safe Bloon Capsule by being Rank 1 (spawned by hacking ._.), the game will crash and the player is advanced to 91011 the next time he/she plays CBTD
  • CBTD's maximum FPS is 225,000 (0_0)