-Please assume that no one is allowed to edit this-

Tat has normally made the scripting for CBTD just to fix alot of errors founded...


It is like Roblox's script but alternated and more impossible to function...

Like this:


The "n" means cannot be edited in any way like


As the "n" itself will only work if anything will be next to it on it's right, but not on the left, it is possible to remove it by undoing the action you done

Another example is this:


The "Rn" can be edited in anyway and must be connected to it's parent item like this:

"Contra_Tower_Rn.True" >"Contra_Projectile_Rn.True/False"

Notice the ">", as it is the layer found in the existing item, but if something doesnt exist, then "/>" will show up, or maybe it cannot do the action, like this:

"Item_ImmortalityGem" />"ItemDrop_ImmortalityGem"

As the Immortality Gem is not a bloon and cannot drop another Immortality Gem...

While there is this Pro-Only thing: the "N_n/y,n", as it means that it can be edited in anyway and there is these pesky thingy, the "y,n", it must be typed in its corresponding thing, either capitalized like "Y,N: or un-capitalized and vice versa

Note: the "y,n" must be responded by the "y" or "n" and needs another space

An example of a "N_n/y,n" script is this:



The "Bloon_ZOMG" is the "N_" while the "HP.4000.TakeDamage/" is the "n" then the "y,n" will proceed

While there is another thing and this time, these symbols from Mathematics, the "-,+,×,÷ and =" are being sent in order to stop/end the cause used to mean something... the "+" means how much damage it will take, the "-" means how much damage it will give, the "×" means the price/layer or HP (some prefer ".HP" better), the "÷" means that what life or cash does it have ("÷" combined with "×" will share the same result in life and cash) and the "=" means the result, these thingies are known as (Math's Guardians of Basic Mathematics or MGBM), an example of MGBM in a script is this:

Bloon_AbsorbererBloon_HP_-20.HP (the "-")

Bloon_(n)_EscapeLive_+(n)HP (the "+")

Tower_Shaitan_Price×6000 (the "×")

Bloon_RedBloon_HP.1_Escape=+1 (the "=")

Somewhere else, there is a Ə, which is used for some random situations, like this:



As of it, it requires nothing but it is used to fully function something or simply test something like a dart monkey/bomb tower hybrid...