The Ultravore Is one of the biggest fishes in the game here is the information!

Name: Ultravore

Cost: 10,000 (insaniquarium only) 15,000 (insaniquarium 2 only)

eaten by: King Intruder



An Example Of A Lego Ultravore

similar to insaniquarium's but it is more different, it is made out of lego and it is made in LDD (Lego Digital Designer) the red bricks (down-left) is blood and its eye(because ultravore eats to many carnivores) and the white bricks are its body and the orange bricks are its fins and its tail.


  • the ultravore's appearance is different than insaniquarium's
  • if it dies, it shatters and fade away
  • this fish got his name from insaniquarium
  • people always hated this fish because it reminds them it causes the game lag when 100 or more but it does not lag at all

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