The Trojan multiROle slaYer Rifle Instinct Finder Learing EneMies And Neutralizing them No. 1941 is a powerful blimp.

Size: 12 m

Bloonopedia entry: Not even the general could predict this outcome. Is still trying to discover why it has so many rifles.

HP: 1941

AD: 1941

Speed: Blue Bloon

Holds: Troy Rifleman 1941

Rbe: 1991

Resistance: Lighting (-20)

Weakness: Water (+20)


  • Goodbye BCoW (Passive): Closes Bloons Conception Wiki.
  • Rifle shoot (Uncommon): It shoots its 11 rifles. If a bullet hits a tower, it will take 90 damage.
  • Rifle shoot 0.3 (Common): The driver shoots its rifle at a tower, dealing 20 damage.

Troy Rifleman 1941

Has 50 HP and his only attack is shooting his rifle at a tower (common), dealing 20 damage. Moves at red bloon speed.

Resistance: Water (-30)

Weakness: Fire (x2)

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